Shigeru Kawai pianos, truly the most advanced and best-playing pianos in the world.  Shigeru Kawai pianos use woods aged decades, bass strings wound by hand, and more hand-crafting in the manufacturing process than most boutique European brands. Shigeru Kawai pianos promise to be a instruments  unparalleled in quality of sound, touch, and beauty.


The Shigeru Kawai Grand Piano line is the personal legacy of Shigeru Kawai the son of the founder, who up until his death in 2006 dedicated his entire life to creating elegant and meticulously crafted pianos that are proudly characterized as The Premier Pianos of Japan. Each Shigeru Kawai Grand Piano is handcrafted by the most skilled piano artisans and fewer than 250 are built each year so each is a limited edition. Each is given an authentic certificate of its limited number and a signed biography of Shigeru Kawai. The Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos bring a century of advancement, knowledge and craftsmanship. These amazingly special pianos give a brilliant tone where the pianist can feel the delicate response of its touch and the passion that has made this work of art a treasure for a lifetime.

Koichi Kawai

Shigeru Kawai

Hirotaka Kawai


Shigeru Kawai pianos are truly extraordinary.  Each piano is a limited edition, and the purchase thereof includes a visit from one of Kawai's Master Piano Artisans, flown in from Japan a year after purchase to do a full concert-level regulation and voicing on your piano.  Your purchase will also get your name engraved on a plaque at Kawai's world headquarters on their "wall of honor" in Hamamatsu, Japan.


Please visit us in-store to see these magnificent instruments and try them for yourself.  Also visit the Shigeru Kawai website here to learn more about these works of art.

Shigeru Kawai Models:

• SK-1 5'5"

• SK-2 5'10"

• SK-3 6'3"

• SK-5 6'8"

• SK-6 7'0"

• SK-7 7'6"

• SK-EX 9'0"